Cash In

Deposit of money in subscribers’ mobile Wallets by agents. Cash in enables subscribers to add money to their mobile Wallets so they can perform financial transactions, such as sending money,purchasing goods and services, etc


Send Money

Transfer of money from EcoCash Botswana to recipients within the national territory for domestic transactions or cross border recipients for international remittances. Recipients can be EcoCash registered subscribers.


bill payments services

Payment of subscribers’ utility bills, such as water or electricity bills by subscribers’ mobile Wallets. Billers must be registered on EcoCash. Utility bill payment takes place through Ecocash Botswana’s Wallet into the biller’s EcoCash identifier code. Currently registered billers include Nyaradzo, Fidelity, Moonlight and other funeral agents. School fees and hospital bills can also be paid through Ecocash Botswana.


Cash out

Withdrawal of money from Ecocash Botswana to the receiver either through Orange Money or physical cash. Enables receivers to convert a portion of their mobile Wallet money back to physical cash. Its now law in Botswana and the world over that all monetary transactions require personal Identification whether cashing in or cashing out. For security Ecocash Botswana now require an Orange money / valid ID or Passport to be presented whether receiving or sending cash.


orange money

We are Authorised Orange Money agents with branches throughout the country. Our services include registering Orange sim cards, registration of Orange money, replacing of lost sim cards while you wait and selling of Orange Sim cards. We are agents of Orange money throughout Botswana. If you require to send your loved ones and are not in Botswana don’t stress. Click link 1 or link 2 and send them Orange money.



Ecocash Botswana recently entered partnership with Kwese to sell install the Tv decoders countrywide. We accept payments of monthly subscriptions through our various branches throughout  Botswana. Our current special price including installation is P510.00. If you are not anywhere near our shop you can pay via our payments link shown. You can be in the Uk, Australia and you want your loved ones to have kwese TV please use this secure link and pay online. You need to be logged in your facebook account to transact here. If you are in Botswana , South Africa and the rest of Africa you can also pay for this service, and please send us an email to giving us the address where you want this service installed. Always quote the payment reference when sending us the address after payment.



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